Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Private or Public School!

For me, sama saja, yg penting iskul kan!. Choosing to send our Cha to a private school is a big decision and big steps......for us & also Cha!....Don't ask me why we decided to moved her. Panjang ceritanya!... but I think that as a parent, it is up to you to decide what is best for your child!....without paksaan!...We did asked Cha first ok....and she's ok with the keputusan untuk berpindah sekolah!

Uniform for every Monday & Special Functions

Uniform for every Wednesday & Friday

Uniform for every Tuesday & Thursday

The Canteen
selling western food....

Selling chinese food

Well, setakat ini, she's ok with the changes and pretty much happy with

her new school, new friends, new teachers & new environment,
no complaint so far.....

Syukur Alhamdullilah!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ombak Rindu.......

Morning all,

What a beautiful morning!

Post ku hari ni post merapu ok!.....Post angan-angan!.....Tidak ada kene mengena sama kamu!.......... hehehehehe

"Tuhan Tolong.......Lembutkan Hati diaaaaa...........

Laki ku lahhhhh..........

Untuk Membelikan Aku............


or .......DIOR


Sebagai hadiah Hari Ibu, Hari Tua
& Hari Kawin Kita!

Boleh Kah Bi?

Makbulkanlah Doa isteri soleha ini!

Indada lemari pun inda apatah!

Note: gambar2 handbags dpt dari Mr. Google!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Blog!

Salam from Shabbymom!

It's been ages since I blogged! I looked at the date on my last post and thought "adiiihhh, seems like yesterday I posted about my hse renovation! Anyway, FYI, end of 2010 was a very busy time for me & my other half!

Alhamdulillah, on the 3rd December 2010 we have moved into our new home, akhirnya penantian kami berakhir!! Moving is not something I want to experience again anytime in the near future. It’s stressful, tiring, and definitely not the easiest task to manage. Every little thing needed our consideration; paint colours, light designs, lemari dapur, everything! Put aside the stress from managing the cost of renovation and managing the budget for the furnishing, just the act of preparing to move is very......... paning, sakit kepala & badan!

Packing was another story. I still cannot compute how on earth I managed to stuff all the things I had in our small house! I had to throw away a lot of stuff, donated some, others I sold at a low price and moved the rest over.

After a year kami pindah, my house masih lagi nampak kosong!....need to buy more lemari for my books and magazines!!!

Well that's all for now!....sudah2 tah tu membebel pasal rumah!...Hopefully i'll post more stuff soon!

I think it's not 2 late for me to wish everyone Happy New Year, hope this year brings peace and happiness! & for myself, I wish for more LV handbagssss and more cuti2 luar negara for this year....hehehehehehe.......Wishing you all the best!