Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tag: Tetap Bersinar Selama Ramadhan

I am tagged by Fabmom . Thank you Fabmom. Here's the detail of the tag:-

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The instruction :Copy the picture above and post it on your blog. Then list down 5 of your friends whom you want to pass this tag and leave a message in their blog informing them to come to your blog and collect the tag.Lastly, add your website URL in the list above.

So I would like to pass on this tag to the following friends and wishing them 'Tetap Bersinar Selama Ramadhan' :-

1) Min

2) Whimcy Val

3) Gina

4) Meng

5) You.....


Min said...

thanks Sri... selamat berpuasa to you too.

whimsical said...

helo, whimCy? sebutan manja ka atu or sebutan tiada gigi (patah gigi mcm si wak)

Shabbymom said...

hahahahaha....sebutan c wak yang patah gigi lahhhhh!!!!!