Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cuti-Cuti Part 5: KK - KL (23rd Nov 2009)

Yuhuuuu........sorry ya......lambat pula mau update part 5 nya......

view from our room

my girls......with their new barbie t.shirts & leggings,
bought at Parkson Sunway Pyramid!

On the everning, we went to Tony Roma's, Gardens for dinner.
I have been wanting to try Tony Roma’s for a long time already,
Heard they are famous for their BBQ ribs!

As usual, I ordered Ceaser Salad!

Baked Potato Soup for the girls!
It came with a small packet of crackers & bun to dip in the soup,
very nice!

Starting off with the appetiser, we had their signature Half Onion Loaf.
Giant hand-cut Spanish Onion, breaded, deep fried &
served with BBQ Mayo!

Family Photo....while waiting for our ribs!

The highlight was definitely the Beef Rib!
Bountiful Beef Ribs (Roma Rack, 3 pieces)
There are two types of serving size:
Roma Rack @ RM49.90 or Full Rack @ RM68.90.
Shown here is the Roma Rack which includes three pieces of beef rib,
cole slaw and baked potato.
It was really awesome – a little crispy on the outside,
but the meat was still soft enough to come off the bones easily.
Sayang, we only ordered the half rack and
when we were finished, we wish we had ordered the full.
& for dessert, we ordered........
Towering Cookie Sundae
and it was a real joy,
as you’ll get a wonderful chocolate-chip cookie
topped with delicious premium ice cream.

Do try tis place out. Well worth it i tell u. ^_^
We didn't do much shopping that night,
cos we were too full to jalan-jalan........
Hubby & I sempat ber massage kaki!!!!!!!


fabmom said...

wooo the ribs.!! half rack nda cukup ah!

Val Aziz said...

kak..hampir termuntah jugaklah..mcm kekanyangan meliat gambar makanan yg sadddddapppp..dari Krispy Creme sampai ke Roma Rack!! The next 0 fare tatap aku booking just for food shopping!!