Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baba & Nyonya Restaurant!

Nyonya Cendol (5 star) RM3.00
Curry Mee (1 star) RM6.00...tasteless

Not really a new restaurant, owned by a chinese couple and they serve halal nyonya food. Located at the Plaza Grand Millennium, Penampang bypass. The place is clean esp. the toilet!. A bit "PANAS" if u go there during lunch time. The food were not really fantastic but u guys should try the "Nyonya Cendol", it is to die 4!!!! I also liked their "Penang Fried Kue Teow". I've tried the "Nasi Lemak with rendang ayam" but I don't quite like it, the "sambal ikan bilis" is too sweet to my taste! I still prefer "Nasi Lemak" at the Old Town White Coffee at City Mall.
My advice is not to go there alone, they are generous with the food portion.

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whimsical said...

i setuju dgn review u tu.dan satu lagi, i meradang dengan lapik meja dia kan.dia guna plastik nipis, lepas tu mcm inda kering sangat kena lap, menyebabkab bila kita taruh lengan terus mcm ada lekit-lekit di tangan!!but the cendol memang to die for!!!!