Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday! (21 March 2008)


Happy Good Friday u ol! & selamat bercuti lagi!

Today is Sue's "majlis kenduri gunting rambut" for her cute little baby girl. I'm a bit tired now because Supermom had to bake 2 biji of Carrot Cake for the majlis. I started baking yesterday afternoon, after my jalan-jalan with the kids (We went to Coffee Bean Karamunsing to have breakfast).
My breakfast (Eggs Ben)
Cha's breakfast (Brek 'o' Day)
Baba's breakfast (Food 4 Thought)

Soooo how's my carrot cake or I used to called it "Kek Lubak"???? well all the kids face turns to blue when they taste my cake (maybe because of the spices) but the older generations really liked it, but without the cream cheese frosting!!!!!!. For my siblings & I, we really liked it with the frosting....mmmmmmm!

I liked my cake while it's still warm!

Ok lah for now, will post pictures of the majlis latter.


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