Friday, March 7, 2008

Dinner at Karambunai!

A bit lazy & tired to go out, our room is sooooooo far away from the restaurant somemore......we decided to have dinner in our room!

one really can eat....but the other one really can make a mess!
I tell u, this girl really can eat!
My Texas Cut Ribeye served with Potato Wedges,
Corn on the Cob, Horseradish & Black Pepper Au-Jus! (3 star)
Baba's Nasi Goreng Karambunai served with Satay, Fried Egg,
Crispy Kerupok & Chicken boxing (3 star)
Cha's Hainanese Roasted Chicken Rice
(5 star!!!!!...nyummy ohhhh the rice)
Cha's & Sofea's Soup (2 star)