Saturday, March 22, 2008

Majlis Kenduri Leia Sabrina! (21 March 2008)

At first my mom just wanted the kenduri to be a small & simple majlis, and the menu pun about 5 to 6 dishes only. BUT...daaaaa....knowing my mom, the majlis ends up to be a big and lavish one! We even put up 4 stations for the food. We have the adult food station, satay station, dessert station & the kids station! We are expecting about 50 guests but it turns out to be like 70 - 80 guests!

Our menu for the kenduri are:-

1) Ulam & Sambal Belacan
2) Cucumber Salad (malay style)
3) Chicken Curry
4) Butter Prawn
5) Tempe with Ikan Bilis
6) Daging masak Ampal
7) Papaya masak Lemak
8) Fried Tenggiri Fish
9) Chicken Kai Chock (Chicken Congee)
10) Chicken Nugget
11) Beef & Chicken Satay
12) White Rice
13) Dessert

Look at that girl in the middle, she is Hassan Wahab's grown up daughter!
some of our guests!
Dessert Station (My carrot cake & cup cakes were a big hit)
Sue, hubby & Leia!

Baby Leia is such a good girl, with the noise & the hot + rainy weather....she did not cry a bit!


fabmom said...

wah..nda alang2 ah. BIG feast.
I too miss Grazie. when r we getting together again?

wanaryani said...

mmmmm bila ah? aku lunch time busy bah...nantilah kita atur!

Masnita said...

OMG!! Inda alang-alang tu food. Lapar pula just reading the menu. Oh ya supermom...nice plates!!

wanaryani said...

ya...berabis kan c mamak ku! NICE kan tu plates....