Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Tray Collections!

Hey do u guys know how many trays do i have? up untill now i have 8 trays that i really jarang-jarang use! I recently bought a blue & white tray from the 2 dollar shop...hah..I know I know...I always buy things that is not really important & it's not everyday that u have a guest to show it off!!!! it's true what min (frm baking project blog) said "women always buy things that they don't even need!!!!". But how...I just cannot leave the shop without buying that beautiful "Talam".

Tray 1: my 1st tray, bought it at Ikea masa baru-baru kahwin dulu...
no taste kan me at that time???? but it's a quality "kutin" haha
Tray 2: my most expensive tray!!!!
Tray 3: cute kan! I bought it at the 2 dollar shop
Tray 4: also from 2 dollar shop, berry cafe look kan!
Tray 5: 2 dollar shop, simple & humble!
Tray 6: haaaaaa...gorgeous kan....
Tray 7: bought it at the gudang shop at Wawasan Plaza.
Tray 8: My blue & white tray.....mmmmmmm,
bought this at the 2 dollar shop.


whimsical said...

omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!the blu n white omg omg omg!!!!

Bobby said...

wow, all the trays so cute ..
especially the blue n white ..
i also like it ...
about the phrase "women always buy things that they don't even need!!!!". ... ignore it ... we all knows that women is like that ... :)

min said...

omg Sri, I have the second tray tu jugak..kat mana aku beli, tak ingat sudah !! Sri & Val, you hv to come to KL, I will take u to this one shop full of vintage thingy, yg jual pinggn mangkuk mcm english rose tu bah..

Masnita said...

Have to say this...OMGosh!!!!! Love the 7th tray supermum!!! Senyum-senyum looking at it!!!

fabmom said...

that's quite a collection Sri! i never knew. wow! yes the blue & white is very catching.