Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full Time Mummy!


Wah it has been two months now that i'm a full time mummy! Inda terasalah....soooo what have i been doing? well not my house, coffee bean, window shopping, grocery shopping, fetching my kids from school, taking afternoon nap, having afternoon tea party with my kids (everyday!!!!) & sometimes i bake! (but instant cake mix...heheheh). Tu lah....i really admire Min's Baking Project!....berry rajin one ohh she. Maybe insyallah one day i will try her delish' recipe, esp. the scones......egg tart.....

Am i bored??? noooooooo, I'm sooooo more that wak & his mission impossible job to do!!!! & no more that kudau with his arrogant family to look at. But I really miss my friends..esp whimsy val & fabmomy!... darn and I really miss grazie 2!!!

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min said...

Sri.. thanks so much for visiting my blog..u same office ngan Val ke dulu? I pun ambik VSS unemployed since 1st March,so far its like heaven duduk kat rumah !! That's why la byk masa nak buat kek. Mari bah dtg KL shopping, must come to my house aaa..take care.