Sunday, March 23, 2008

Welcome Home Ezan!

An old friend of mine, Ezan & family had just came back from UK...finally! after 5 years! Her hubby is taking his PHD. She is a very very dear friend of mine. We became closed friends since we were in UiTM & that was in the early 90's. What can i say about her...well she is a very kind hearted, soft spoken and a very gentle lady!

Ezan with her family

Since Ezan & I are a full time mummy now, we decided to become business partners and sell plates which is all made from England. We haven't decided on the price yet but I'll let u guys have a peek first!
This is a 9" dinner plate. It is an Old Britain Castles by Johnson Bros England.

This is an 8.5" soup bowl (English Ironstone)

& this is a 9.5" Rose Bouquet dinner plate from Royal Victoria

Ada banyak lagi...but I will upload the pictures in my facebook, together with the price....soon! Kalau inda ikutkan hati ... I would like to have all the plates to myself...but what can do!!!!!!

Ohh yaa...guys...all the plates are limited! sikit saja my friend bawa!!!! so who's interested capat-capat contact me.


min said...

Sri.. I want the Royal Victoria one!! Right now I have the cups and saucers, I didnt know they have plates ! Berapa quid itu ???

wanaryani said...

belum ada harga lagi fren belum bagi list!...u nak one only...ok I simpan utk u...How to kirim u?