Sunday, March 2, 2008

Door Gift!

For this coming Birthday Party for Sofea (my second daughter), supermom (that is me) planning to give my guest a door gift that is a "campuran" we call it in Brunei!!!

The "Campuran" consist of a Sugar Cookies & a Cupcakes!. I've got this lovely recipe from Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook. It is such a wonderful & a "berry" colourful and interesting cook book!!!!


whimsical said...

yo robbi soooooo very very very nice.lots of picccccccc.kita mesti toput link o

min said...

Salam.. Yasmin here, kawan Val frm KL.. those cookies look so colourful and cute. Aku tak pandai buat cookies bah, cuma kek aja. Visit my site ya ! Boleh bertukar resipi.

wanaryani said...

Salam...i've heard so much about u from c Val...I like ur blog. no prob...boleh tukar-tukar resipi..but my resipi tidaklah se hebat like yours!