Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brass Monkey Tanjung Aru Plaza Branch!

Look at the tables & chairs...its a Jati!

For lunch today, Cha wanted to eat pizza! we went to Brass Monkey at Tanjung Aru Plaza branch...they open for lunch (11am - 5pm)! (Fabmom....apa lagi!) I heard so much about their Pizza from my hubby & decided to give it a try!...So how's the place? well the place is small & the walkway space between the tables are too near!! just imagine if the tables are full of people!!!...& guys not to sit near the glass wall...alamakk punya panas! hubby said that it's really susah mau cari parking during lunch hour...but when we got there around 12 noon, there's still alot of parking spaces. One more thing...the area is full of Japanese & Korean!

The restaurant offer Set Lunch (12pm - 2:30pm, Monday to Friday only) & it's only RM15.50 nett per pax...sooo cheap kan!!

No monkey bergayut!

Salad Bar!

Dessert Bar!

Yum Sui!!

Our pizza...boleh tahan juga ohh..
but still inda boleh lawan tu Grazie.....

The main menu for set lunch today are Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken, Grilled Lamb Shoulder & Grilled Fish Fillet! & the side dish....they have spaghetti with red and white sauce, mashed potatos and etc.
Aiyoo menyesal i makan banyak at Kak Nong tadi!.....mmmm maybe tomorrow I'll try out the set lunch.....insyaallah!


whimsical said...

yam sui? yam seng....heheheheh panas banar ka?stick to grazie ka u rasa

wanaryani said...

yam sui ...sui tu water in cina...seng bukan teh or minuman karas kah???...ya masih lagi c grazie tu punya pizza nyaman!!!

wanaryani said...

ahhhh...baru ku ingat...yumcha untuk minum teh!!!

fabmom said...

oh yes! i am definitely going there!