Friday, April 11, 2008

Brass Monkey Tanjung Aru Plaza Branch (Part III: 09th April 2008)

Today is pictures day & free promotions 4 Brass Monkey!!!! I think this is my 3rd post pasal Brass Monkey!!!!!..Well yesterday...again.... supermom & daughters had a very big lunch there and this time we even drag Sue along...........


Cha.....if u see her eating like this.....sadap lah ertinya tu......!!!!

My salad!!!

I didn't manage to get the pictures of the food in my previous post esp. the side dishes,
soooooo....peeps...feast ur eyes!!!!!

from left: beef stew, sotong & fried rice

Chicken wings & lamb stew

Spaghetti wt white & red sauce, mashed potatos

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Lamb

Grilled Tuna Fish

We really enjoyed our lunch and we are definitely going back there again!!!! They also open on Saturday & Sunday (set lunch only & the price is RM15.50 nett also!!!!) cheap kan.
Have a nice day u ol....!


yasmin said...

Cha makan sampai pejam mata..sedap sangat tu ! I wish my daughter kuat makan, susah nak suruh makan dia tu.

Bobby said...

beshnyer ... mcm mengidam gak mau mkn di brass monkey tue ... after dipromosi from shabby mom .... patut get komisen nie ....

wanaryani said...

Min - cha memang kuat makan macam mama dia!!!
Dg - u should go there!!! malam pun dia buka!!!

whimsical said...

hello puan brass monkey. memang nampak nyaman kan.airnya masih berperisa lemon ka?i rasu itu kot yg bikin i muntah dulu kan

wanaryani said...

au..air nya masih ada lemon...mungkin u can request without the lemon if u pigi sana lah..

fabmom said...

ko patut dpt discount card kan? memang nyaman gayanya c Cha makan tu!